trying to keep our heads above water

It is raining.

We are wet.

October is the rainiest month of the rainy season here in Costa Raina. Everyone had been surprised that it hadn´t rained much yet . . . until yesterday. Now, all the locals are saying, "ah, that´s more like it. Now its October." And, we are wondering (as we walk to everywhere we need to go) if it will ever stop. It will. They say January is beautiful.

Here´s a quick recap of what´s happened during the last few days.


We went out to visit the school where we will be working. We also drove around with another couple from the school to look at apartments. Its going to be a long, difficult process. I wish y├íll could see the one place we looked at. It was a single room above a garage with a bathroom and kitchen that we would share with the people who live in the other room right beside ours. We´re not picky, but that just wasn´t for us. We´re going to look some more this weekend, but it won´t be easy because we´ll be taking buses, and we don´t really know the area well. Plus as I´ve mentioned before, the streets have no names.


Church was good. During the month of October, they are talking a lot about missions. A Costa Rican lady shared about her trip to Pakistan. There was also a guest speaker from Costa Rica´s main mission organization. I slept much of the afternoon while Robin watched the Eagles. Its funny, but they never show Browns´games.


We were invited to have dinner with another LAM missionary family. We met them two years ago at orientation. It was neat to hang out with them a bit. They´ve been here 15 years.

Mon night:

Kurt and Uncle Dale came to Costa Rica. We were all staying in a shabby hotel in a bad part of town. People started shooting through the windows. But, we all had big guns to shoot back.

On my way to a JV baseball game, I saw a space shuttle landing at the Akron Canton airport. I ran over and helped it land. I was considered a hero afterwards. But really, I was just doing what anyone would do in that situation.

(In case you didn´t guess, those last two were dreams I had Monday night. Maybe the high altitute makes me dream funny.)


After classes, we met with a group of LAM missionaries. The group is called "Shock Absorbers" and they meet every week. Its mostly for those who spend a year here at language school, but they invited us to join them yesterday. In the evening, I walked (through the pouring rain) to the school to play basketball with a bunch of guys.


Robin thought it would be a good idea to wear high heels to school. It really wasn´t a bad idea until we had to walk really slow on the way home through . . . you guessed it . . . pouring rain.