I have a plan

I’m going to go back to East Canton and clean it up. First, I need to get elected as mayor. Then, with the help of my ex-con friend and a large wooden club, I’m going to rid the streets of drug dealers and get rid of that Casino for good. After peace is restored, I can re-open the old saw mill.

I’m sorry if that seems a bit aggressive, but I’m still pretty pumped up after watching “Walking Tall” (or is it Standing Tall?) earlier today. I didn’t even intend to watch it. I had all my homework done, and I had a little time to kill before class, so I turned on the tv. I had one thing on my mind: Gilmore Girls. Unfortunately, it was a re-run. I flipped over to one of the movie channels, and I saw a movie coming on. The first words on the screen I saw said “The Rock”. I assumed it was the Sean Connery/Nicolas Cage movie about Alcatraz. I was kinda excited, because that was a pretty good movie. Well, about ten minutes and three bar fights later, I realized that “The Rock” wasn’t the name of the movie but rather the main character. I watched it anyway. It was inspiring.

Here’s a story that I find hilarious, but Robin doesn’t. You be the judge:

Today in grammar class, we were doing some example sentences. The teacher asked me about how I like robin to prepare meat. That’s not the funny part; it actually made sense with what we were practicing. The funny part was my response. Sometimes, it’s hard to think of good answers to random practice questions. I answered by saying that I like Robin to prepare meat with tomatoes and salt. Tomatoes and salt?? What the heck is that? Hey waiter, bring me some of that traditional tomato salt meat.

Seriously, I couldn’t talk about it after class without busting into laughter. In fact, I’m practically crying as I try to type this. Robin still doesn’t think its that funny.

We talked on the phone with Brad, Krystal and Jeremiah for about an hour tonight. It was fun. J$ has learned quite a few new animal sounds since we left.

While we were talking, Brad, Krystal and Robin were making fun of me (as they often do) about being such a dork. They were teasing me about enjoying language classes so much. What they don’t understand is that this is like the ultimate experience for me. Teaching Spanish is my thing; its what I do. So, to be here in a Spanish-speaking country and taking classes is awesome. It would kinda be like:

Brad in a giant garage of police cars that all needed radios
Kurt in spreadsheet land
Tim at a year-long youth retreat (high-tech of course)
Andy recording a double cd for Trey Anastasio
Mom at the Diet Coke national headquarters
Carla in a room with hundreds of 6 year olds (hm . . . maybe not)

Do you get the idea, or shall I try to offend more people by stereotyping their jobs?