Here's your chance to get involved

Robin and I celebrated our anniversary with a movie and personal pizzas from Papa John's. We took a bus to a nearby mall. We saw the movie Click. It was one of the newer movies offered. I think the movies are a little behind here. There was a "coming soon" preview for the movie In Good Company. Didn't that come out like three years ago? It was a fun night.

I want to throw something in here. I realized that I've commented a lot about the crazy food we've eaten. But, I should also mention that we have eaten really well. Roxana and Miriam have been great hosts. They have treated us to a whole heap of traditional Tico food that is really good. Its funny, because we usually eat breakfast at about 9:00. Then, we have to eat lunch before we leave for school at 12:00. So, the mornings are pretty much a food fest. Robin has trouble keeping up, but I've done alright.

The debate about God went well. I was worried that we wouldn't fill the entire class, but we did. We actually could have kept going for hours. I think I was a pretty good lawyer for the devil, but I'm glad that I can switch teams now.

How about a little contest?

It won't be long before we need to start thinking about sending out newsletters to friends and family. It is common knowledge that we need a clever title for our letters. I saw a good one the other day. The Ward family (Brad and Trish and their kids) is here in Costa Rica. We met them in Miami a couple years ago. Their newsletter is called "OnWards and UpWards". Get it? Cause they are the Wards. So, here's the deal: we will take suggestions for the title of our newsletter. If we choose yours, you will receive a two year subscription to the letter FOR FREE!. Here are a couple of ideas that I've come up with so far. Robin is less than enthusiastic about them. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to use our names in the title.

1. Like Kandels in the Costa Rican wind

2. Another day in San Jose

3. What were we thinking?

4. Costa Rica is kinda like Ohio with big mountains

5. The New York Times: Kandel Edition

6. Mexico isn't anything like we expected

7. OnKandels and UpKandels

8. Bryan and Robin's excellent adventure

9. The sisterhood of the travelling Kandels

10. How's that whole winter thing treating you guys?