The wood between two worlds

Have you ever read The Magician's Nephew? Its the first book in the Narnia series, and it tells of how people began travelling between different worlds. The two main characters of the story, Digory and Polly, are children growing up in London. Digory's ambitious yet cowardly uncle tricks the children into being guinea pigs for one of his experiments and gives them magical rings, which send them to unknown worlds. The children end up in a place known as "the wood between the worlds". Not much happens in this mysterious forest. Its a lot like the warp zone on Super Mario Brothers. There are a bunch of different pools that the children can jump into that would take them to different worlds. But, the wood is not a world itself. Its just a between place . . . where nothing happens. If I had the book with me, I could describe it better. Anyway, we are in that place today. But, our "wood between the worlds" is called Miami. Miami is very much a between place for us. We just went through the very difficult process of leaving the world that we had grown to love, and Wednesday, we begin life in our new world of Costa Rica. But for now, there is Miami. We are here to attend a bunch of meetings at the LAM main office. We will spend all day tomorrow doing that. Right now, we are in a hotel room doing something that we haven't done much of in the last week: resting.

Our travelling today was smooth. The only problem we've encountered is a ripped suitcase. We'll figure out a way to fix it. We've been blessed a couple times so far. First, the airline did not charge us for our extra suitcase. We were all ready to pay $80 for it, but the lady at the counter let it go. I think it was because I winked at her (Don't tell Robin). The second blessing came at the Miami airport. There was nobody here from LAM to pick us up. We called awhile ago to have our cell phones cancelled today. They said they would probably become inoperable at about 8:00 this morning. For some reason, Robin's was still working this afternoon, and we were able to call LAM. They sent someone over, and he took us to lunch and to our hotel. Once again, we ate well for free. I'm almost sick of it. Is that possible?

The kind folks at LAM said they figured that we were exhausted, so they didn't schedule anything for us until tomorrow. Our plans for tonight include sleep (which Robinis enjoying now), maybe swimming and dinner.

Keep us in your prayers that our meetings and traveling go well.