What I´ve learned so far

Tim does this often, so I thought I´d give it a try. Here´s a list of what I´ve learned since we arrived in Costa Rica on Wednesday.

1. Spanish keyboards are confusing: Keep that in mind as you read the rest of this.

2. I will do almost anything to be polite: including eat a cucumber and mayonaise sandwich. We were at a birthday party for a neighbor last night (Quick side note: The neighbor was two houses down; and it took like eight steps to get there. The houses are really crammed into our neighborhood) and they kept bringing us food to eat. I didn´t want to be rude and not try it. I also ate a cracker with some kind of cream and mushroom spread. No joke, I almost threw up as I forced out a ¨esta rico¨. The lady also brought out marshmallows on a stick. I took one of those but was able to sneak it to Robin. She saved me. This morning, I ate fruit with yogurt on it. I don´t know if I can keep this up much longer.

3. This whole Costa Rica thing may have been a bad idea for two people who don´t like bugs: The cockroaches here are freakin´ huge! At that party last night, one was running across the patio outside. It was about the size of a baby walrus. When it saw me, it changed its course and haded straight for me. I heard it mumble something like ¨Die you stupid American!¨ It took everything I had inside me to not jump up on a chair and scream like a little girl. But I didn´t. I stepped on him (I had to do it twice). I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. It wasn´t that scary, and its not like he was in our bedroom. Well, then we got home . . . and Iwent up to our bedroom . . . and yep, there was Chester. I know that´s his name because I could read it on his nametag. I just stared at him for awhile, and then he did the worst thing possible: He ran under the bed. It was quite a spectacle as Robin and I got him out. We weren´t able to squash him, but we chased him out our window/door thing. I´m sure he´ll be back. We slept with the light on most of the night.

4. Less water pressure = more hot water: I really wish I would have known this on day one. I took a shower in freezing rain. I still haven´t thawed out completely. Our shower has a little electric heater above it that heats the water as it comes out. If you run the water slower, it has more time to heat up. Now that I know that, I´ve been able to take nice lukewarm showers with little pressure.

5. Don´t try to flip the switch on the shower heater thingy: I shocked myself while standing in the shower. Not a good idea.

6. In Costa Rica, they use ¨chorrizo¨ to describe things that are not fair (i.e. the taxi drivers who rig their machines to cheat on milage): Chorrizo is a word for sausage. So, next time Robin cheats at Rummy, I´m going to say ¨Dude, that is so sausage!¨.

7. Costa Ricans don´t care how long you´ve been in the country when deciding who should read 12 verses of Genesis: We were at a Bible study on our first night, and they made me read a 12 verses. It was stuff that I could barely pronounce in English (Luckily, Bigthana wasn´t in there)

8. This is not going to be easy: We didn´t think it would be, but this whole missionary thing is not a vacation. I´m not trying to complain. We´re doing fine, but its not easy to adjust.

Please continue to pray for us and also please pray for Maria Luz, a neighbor who has cancer.