What I will miss most

Three weeks from right now we will be in Miami on our way to Costa Rica. As we prepare to leave, I've come up with a list of the things I will miss . . . and some things I will not miss about our lives now. Some of the things on the "I will miss" list are actually things that are going to change for the better when we're gone. Also, I'm not going to include the obvious things that I will miss (family, friends and NASCAR). So, here we go . . .

Things I will miss:

- Spanish I, III and IV classes
- JV baseball games
- Playing old school nintendo with Roloff and DP in the equipment room
- golf
- getting lost on my bike and trying to find my way home
- Texas Roadhouse
- Gas prices are falling and will probably be low for the next two years only to rise again when we return
- Our duplex
- Playing concerts with Andy and Tony
- NFL Sunday night football has moved to the one channel that we do get, and we're leaving the country
- Basketball league at the Chapel in Marlboro
- Our Sunday School class
- Snow days
- Boating
- Being able to go to Indians and Cavs games
- My mandolin
- My piano
- My violin (I would probably play it more if I were going to be here)
- My electric guitar
- My classical guitar
- Good water pressure
- Making dinner on our grill
- The buckeyes are #1 in the country
- Fall
- Red blanket
- Some sort of order to traffic

What I will not miss:

- Spanish II
- The tercel
- Our severely undersized bed
- Bus rides to and from JV baseball games (with the JV softball team)
- Ignorance towards hispanic people
- Freezing rain
- Taco Bell
- Youngstown News Stations
- Deal or No Deal (They probably have it there too, but I'm hoping its easier to avoid)
- Materialism
- 95.5 The Fish
- The lady at the BMV in Canton
- Our dvd player which doesn't even open anymore
- The mall

I may think of some more later, but that should do for now. What would you miss if you were leaving the country for two years?