There's a last time for everything

Robin and I watched J$ today. It was the last time we will watch him for the next two years. This is also our last Wednesday in Ohio. I got to thinking about some of the "lasts" that we have experienced or will experience this week:

last time playing live music (wed. night): David VanBuskirk is a singer/songwriter I met who lives in the Canton area. We had been trying to set up a show together before Robin and I leave, but nothing opened up. So, we decided to both head out to Muggswigz last night and play for the open mic night. It was a lot of fun. I'm hoping to be involved with music while in Costa Rica, but I doubt I'll get much of a chance to share my own songs. It was nice to get out one last time and play.

last peanut butter sandwich (probably sun. night): I've heard rumors that that they don't have peanut butter in Costa Rica. Maybe I'll have to start eating black beans and rice butter sandwiches??

last time feeding pudding to piggies (today at lunch): Piggies are toes . . . Jeremiah's toes. He likes to put them on the table at least once during every meal. Awhile ago, the girl Uncle Bryan (Robin) decided it would be a good idea to feed oatmeal to the piggies. J$ thought that was hilarious. So today at lunch, he insisted that I feed pudding to his piggies. There were also a few times where both Uncle Bryans and J$ had their piggies on the table. I only wish someone would have been there to take a picture. It was piggie pandamonium.

last time I'll ever say "piggie pandamonium" (that last paragraph)

last time washing our dishes (this afternoon): I packed up all the dishes and silverwear. We're left to just some plastic stuff. If I had my way (I'm the "dish guy"), we'd always use plastic.

last time folding clothes (1998): This has nothing to do with leaving the country. I just hate to fold clothes.

last time at youth group (last sun. night): The kids had a cake for us, and we said our goodbyes. We will really miss working with the youth. Its been a lot of fun during the last two years.

last time playing golf (about a week and a half ago . . . probably): I was supposed to go one more time this week, but Dad hurt his back.

last time driving (sun.): We probably won't have a car in Costa Rica. Wow! Two years without driving. I'll probably forget how.

last EC football game (last fri.): I'll just have to watch the highlights on ESPN.

last trip to wal-mart (about a half hour ago): Costa Rica is crazy. If you want fresh tomatoes, nightcrawlers, windshield wiper blades and a goldfish, you have to go to like four differnt stores. Of course, what are the chances that that was my last trip to Wal-Mart. It probably wasn't even my last trip there today.

last song recorded at the home studio (today): Don't ask me how I had time to do this today. I recorded it in like 10 minutes, which will be obvious if you listen to it. Its called moving again, and its about . . . moving . . . again.

last time I'll ever subtly imply that Kurt's basement is moldy (yesterday): Kurt's basement is immaculate. No signs of mold. When Carla makes her famous chocolate chip cookies, she sets them on the basement floor to cool . . . that's how clean it is.

last time to see the ones we love (this weekend): We will truly miss all y'all. But, we will keep in touch. We'll write, I'll blog and we're looking into some internet phone options. Plus, two years will fly past.

God Bless.