2 - number of cds I got today. Andrew Osenga's "The Morning" arrived today in the mail, and I downloaded Derek Webb's "Mockingbird".

$0- What I paid for the Derek Webb cd thanks to Today was the first day of his campaign to give away the album. Pretty cool. Check it out, because "hey . . . free cd".

26 - number of grapes that Jeremiah ate before and during lunch. That kid is a grape-eatin' machine.

36 - my score for the back nine today at Meadowlake . . . first and last time I'll ever do that. Note - Meadowlake is only a par 32 on each nine.

43 - number of feet in the put that Tim sank for a birdie on hole 11. It will be play number 4 on ESPN's top ten tonight.

12 - number of points Sandy Valley scored tonight

0- number of points EC scored

17 - degrees farenheit: tonight's temperature

0 - number of coats I was wearing

4 - number of sleeps until the Square Peg Alliance show in Nash Vegas . . . if there is one. I heard that its a strong maybe but not confirmed yet. Gollee, I hope they do it. If so, we are so there.