pack it up, pack it in . . .

. . . let me begin . . . to tell you what we've been up to today. We have begun the process of packing things up to get ready to store them in Kurt's basement. Its kind of a funny task right now, because there are many things we still need and thus can't pack yet. But, we were able to pack up a bunch of books, blankets, pillows, end tables, nick nacks and patti whacks. Its been a pretty productive day. I've also been transfering things from our desktop computer to our laptop, since that is all we'll have in CR.

We have a bunch of things that we wouldn't mind lending to anyone for two years. If not, they're just going to sit in a basement and get moldy. If you or anyone you know is interested in using any of the following, let us know. (We will take it back after two years . . . even if we need to use force).

- washer and dryer
- big table that we've used to put laundry on
- big desk with two drawers
- curved/corner computer desk
- dvd player (Don't get excited. It doesn't work . . . or even open)
- old vcr
- tv
- weed eater
- couches
- dressers
- kitchen table and chairs
- microwave (complete with very wobbly stand)
- full sized bed
- volleyball net
- porch chairs (the nice, fold-into-a-bag kind)
- small aiwa stereo
- dell printer (unopened . . . we have two, so we've never opened this one)
-old compaq computer (we wouldn't need this back . . . its yours)
- half a jar of mustard (we would want this back)

That's probably about it. Like I said, let us know if you know of someone who is interested.

Also, I did receive confirmation today that we are all set to begin at the language institute. Still no word on when LeBron will be there.