J. McRob

After leaving the Justin McRoberts concert, Robin and Bryan stop at Burger King for milkshakes. As they pull up to the window they notice that the Ford truck in front of them is missing the "F" in Ford on the back. The following conversation follows:

Bryan: hehe . . . it says "ord"
Robin: I guess its a knock off
Bryan: Yeah, they knocked the "F" off
Bryan and Robin (laughing way more than they should at this stupid joke): hahahaha . . . knock the "F" off.
Bryan (for some reason still thinks its funny and that more jokes should be made): Hey buddy, knock the "F" off!
-This continues for several minutes.

Yeah, our kids are gonna be so embarrased of us.

Anyway, we went to Malone tonight to watch Justin McRoberts in concert. It was a great show. Justin is a good writer, an awesome singer, a great storyteller and a passionate speaker. He talked a lot about being real and living among the people of our culture rather than separating ourselves from them - a theme that has been on my mind a lot lately. It was a bit strange being at Malone, since most of the people at the concert were students. Its funny; none of the same people are there since we graduated, but the people who are there are the same . . . make sense? It was a fun night.

One other thing: I changed the setting on here so that anyone can comment now. I didn't realize that I had it set up to where only Blogger members could comment. So, now everyone is free to comment away. I'm going to add one more sentence here, so I can say comment again. comment.