If these walls could talk . . .

. . . they would say, "Hey, where did all the stuff go?". We have everything moved out of our place except our bed (which we need to sleep in tonight), the couches and piano (which go to some friends tomorrow) and about 34 cubic feet of clothing (which needs to somehow fit into about 9 cubic feet of suitcase). Tonight is our last night in this duplex. Duplex sweet duplex. Its really not much of a place. You can stand in the middle and almost reach all four corners. But, we've lived here for two years, and those two years have been fun. Sure . . . some folks have have big fancy houses with decks and sunrooms and fireplaces and walk-in closets and dining rooms that are separate from the kitchen and toilets that don't clog when you pee in them. And sure . . . their neighbors don't live on the other side of the bedroom wall. But, do they have an awkward, barely useful shleving system between their living room and their kitchen/dining room? No, they don't and we do . . . well, we did.

Seriously, many times we've been tempted to feel sorry for ourselves because we don't have a house like many of our friends . . . a place that we could call our own, settle in, add-on and take pride in. But, we know that isn't for us right now. The same could be said for having children. We are so excited about the idea, but its not time for that yet. Our duplex has been bearable for us because it reminds us of the opportunity that has been set before us for the next two years. In fact, its been more than bearable, its been special. We have a bunch of great memories that we will take from this place. If these walls could talk, I'm not sure what they would say. But if they could listen, I know what I would say. I'd say "thanks . . . walls". Then, Robin would walk in and ask, "Dude, were you just talking to the walls? Get back in here and help me pack my sixteen hooded sweatshirts".

One other thing tonight: If you ever want some good eatin', just tell people that you are leaving the country for two years. We've eaten really well the last few days, and we haven't paid a dime. Thanks to all who have been so great. We will miss you.