another trip to the doctor's

Whats that you say? . . . you want to hear another great conversation between Robin and myself? Ok . . . how about this: This one took place today at the doctor's office. Robin went in to have a test done to check up on her Barret's disease/Heartburn problems. I think she was the only one there under 75. Poor girl. But, the doctor said everything looked good. He took a byopsi just to make sure. Anyway, she was given anesthesia for the procedure. Afterwards, I was with her in the recovery room. I should also say that on Tuesday of this week she was in for a similar test. After that one, it took her awhile to completely wake up. But, today she said she was "feeling much more alert":

Robin: I feel much better this time . . . more awake. Last time I was way out of it.
Bryan: Good.
Robin: Has the doctor been in yet?
Bryan: No, not yet.

(a couple minutes pass)

Robin: I feel more alert than last time. I feel pretty good.
Bryan: yeah?
Robin: Yeah . . hey, did the doctor come in yet?
Bryan ( with a confused smile): No, not yet.

(a few more minutes)

Robin: After the last test, I was really out of it. Today, I feel pretty aware and awake.
Bryan (trying to sound sincere): Oh really? You don't say?
Robin: Yeah. But I think we still need to talk to the doctor. Has he come in yet?
Bryan (wondering if he should just lie and say "yes"): Nope. Haven't seen him yet.

(you guessed it)

Robin: I'm feeling mighty fine. Do we have any heavy machinery at home? I bet I could operate it. Or maybe some important documents I could sign?
Bryan (with genuine encouragement): Oh yeah! You're doing great!
Robin: Hey by the way, has the . . .
Bryan: No, the doctor hasn't been here yet!

I wasn't surprised when she came home and slept for about three hours. Its been a busy couple weeks for her with a lot of tests, appointments and tooth removals. Gotta get everything in before we leave. Hopefully, she's done now.

Also, if you ever wander to my myspace page, I changed all the songs tonight and put new ones up. I've been writing quite a bit lately - mostly because I have a bit more free time than normal, but also because I have a feeling that I won't get to write much during our first month in Costa Rica. So, I'm trying to get ahead in the 52 in 52 activity.