accepted . . . maybe

Yesterday, we received an email that said we have been accepted to the language institute in San Jose, Costa Rica. We are taking part in a one-month intensive course there in October. It was good to hear that we have been accepted because we just found out that we even needed to apply. However, there are a couple small problems with our acceptance letter: 1. it is dated September 1st. 2. It is addressed "Dear LeBron". The way I see it, there are a few possible reasons for this mistake:

1. LeBron James will be at the Language Institute, and we were accidentally sent his acceptance letter. Maybe he needs to brush up on his Spanish?
2. The people at the institute assume that everyone from Ohio is named LeBron.
3. They have seen me play in the basketball league at the Chapel in Marlboro. If you saw me play, you would aslo give me that nickname. I drop bombs on dem foos! . . . what???
4. They tried to combine Bryan and Robin and got LeBron.

Whatever the case, I sure hope we really were accepted. If so, that would be one more piece in the puzzle that is our life in Costa Rica.