what now!

Robin and I have been playing a lot of Rummi lately, especially since she's been sidelined after having her wisdom teeth removed. She almost always wins. She cheats. I don't yet have proof, but I know she does . . . somehow. Well tonight, despite her sly manipulations, I pulled out a thrilling victory. Here's how it went down:

I got up early, but she kept fighting back. At one point, I was winning 345-315. I was feeling good, but I knew that she could make up that kind of ground in a heartbeat. Well, she did. After the next hand, she had closed the gap to 410-405. I was sweating. The next hand went well for me, and I pulled out to a 460-415 lead. We both knew the next hand could easily be the last. It was her deal, which often leads to a good hand for her. This hand was no exception. She started off with three aces in her hand. Three aces. The biggest hand of the night. Coincidence? No way! She needs to try to not make it so obvious when she cheats. Anyway, I foiled her plan and was able to hold her to only 75 points, which left her in the lead 490-455. (I got -5) Things looked bleak, but I didn't give up hope. I huddled up my seven cards on the next hand and gave them a moving pre-hand speech. I told them that they weren't just playing one hand in one silly card game. They were playing for their community, their suits and all the underdogs who fight the oppression of cheaters. More importantly, they were playing for pride. Well I must say, I was proud of my guys. My threes played like tens. My jacks played like kings. My seven and nine worked hard to find an eight to connect them. You know, if we played that hand ten times, she would probably win nine. But, tonight was our night. One night to show the world that talent can only take you so far, but the heart is immeasurable (especially the ten, jack and queen of hearts). I outscored her 115-25 on the last hand and won by a final score of 570-515. It was a night that will not soon be forgotten.