last voyage of the ASUV

Tonight, I made a trip up to Middleburg Heights to play for Open Jam Night at Seekers' Cafe. They have it every Monday night. A few Mondays ago, Robin was out shopping, so I went up there just for fun. For some odd reason, they were impressed enough to invite Wolfe and Kandel to come play a concert on September 8th. The main reason I went up again tonight was to promote that show. Its about an hour to Seekers, so I don't think many of our friends and family are going to make the trip. Plus, Seekers is charging a cover fee. I'm a little worried that not many people up there are going to pay to see some group they've never heard of. I have this feeling we'll be playing for our wives and the sound crew. They are giving half the money earned to us for our trip. I was trying to tell people, so they would tell other people and hopefully come on that night. Unfortunately, I didn't play very well tonight, so I may have done more harm than good.
On a sad note, tonight was the last real voyage of our Aerodynamic SUV (mini van). We've been driving it ever since I crashed our old car a few years ago. My parents were going to sell it, but they gave it to us because we had nothing else. Sure, people often looked at us ( a young couple with no kids in a mini van) funny and probably laughed at us behind our backs. But, that van was special. It helped us move twice. It transported groceries. It carried bikes. It hauled youth group kids all over the country. It transported a very special chair from PA. It carried guitars, djembes, mandolins and keyboards to gigs.

(Morgan Freeman narrates) . . . Mini vans are funny. First, you hate them. Then you get used to them. Then . . . after a while . . . you learn to depend on them. Brooks should have died in here.

Unfortunately, we can't take the van to Costa Rica. We are selling it to a guy from my dad's church who recently wrecked his car. Sound familiar? I just hope that he appreciates it. I also hope he is ready for the sudden flow of ladies who are drawn to it. I may let him borrow my shirt that says "Back off! I'm married!" I had to wear it anytime I was in the van by myself