block party washout


2:00 - I arrive to help set up. It is super humid. I am sweating like a Sasquatch in a . . . ??

3:15 - It starts to rain. We cover the equipment, look to the sky and hope for just a quick drizzle.

3:17 - Its pouring

3:19 - Its pouring even harder. We're huddled under the tarp that covers about $5,000 in equipment, holding buckets to catch the water that is coming through.

3:21 - Still pouring. The buckets are getting full.

3:30 - It finally stops, but it takes a good while to drain all the water off the top of the tarp. Whose idea was it to get these buckets out of the garage? Brilliant!

4:00 - Singlestone takes the stage for their much anticipated reunion show (Although most people don't realize its a reunion. They think we've been playing together for years, and we just didn't get any better.)

4:13 - Cliff forgets the words to "I will not be silent", but we keep rockin', and nobody notices.

4:24 - I butcher the solo for Unconditional . . . people notice.

4:29 - We play our old song "disappear" . . . at a church Block Party. Heads turn as Cliff sings about the fire that "consumes his wretched soul" Ah . . . how I miss the days of death metal.

4:34 - We play "Fly Away", and there are kids sitting up front, singing along. What the . . .?? . . . cool!

4:40 - We finish with "the jam". Andy starts playing it in half time. Steve jumps in. Tony and I look at each other and wonder why we didn't get the memo.

4:41 - I butcher some more solos. At least my guitar is really loud.

4:42 - I remember that therer is a wah pedal on Andy's effects pedal. I'll stick to that for the rest of the jam. I feel cool. No, I'm not.

5:00 - 5:45 - The always entertaining magic of Mr. Tim Angeloni.

6:00 Lauren Mascitti takes the stage.

6:01 - light rain

6:01 and 18 seconds - Utter (udder?) chaos. People scramble to find shelter, stack all the chairs, deflate the giant football toss, put the snow cone machine in the garage and eat all the remaining hot dogs. Did I mention that it was light rain?

6:03 - Empty parking lot. Dude, wasn't there like a party here today or somethin'.

6:15- 6:45 - People gather in the sanctuary to hear Lauren sing. Quite a talented 14 year old. Reminds me of myself at that age, except she has a shred of musical talent.

6:45 - Due to bad weather, lack of time and few people, Andy and I don't get to play at Block Party '06. Bummer. I was really looking forward to singing and playing with the nice system, outside with lots of people listening. Oh well, sometimes you win, and sometimes it rains sporatically.

Overall, it seemed like BP06 was a success. There were a lot of people, and many of them seemed like they were from the neighborhood.